Scattering of Ashes


The law on scattering ashes in the UK is fairly relaxed, generally there is nothing in the legislation to stop people scattering ashes over land or water, but as a rule, you normally need the landowner’s permission if you would like them buried or scattered on ‘private land’. Many families see the internment or the scattering to be a more private moment with just very close friends or family members being present and will scatter the ashes of a loved one at a significant place. However, some families feel that the moment deserves a ceremony, in which case, as in funerals, Jon will work hand in hand with you to create and deliver a bespoke and meaningful tribute which will truly reflect the life and memories of your loved one.

There are many different ways to scatter ashes which have been touched upon, such as in gardens, hilltops, mountains, at sea or in rivers, but there are others such as ‘trenching’, which involves placing ashes into a trench, usually a beach, where the tide will slowly take them away. You can consider scattering them from a hot air balloon, or a light aircraft, fire them into space, shoot them out of a shotgun cartridge, or ringing, which means scattering ashes around an object of meaning, like a tree. This provides a place for the family to return on significant anniversaries for moments of reflection. There are even specialised companies that can make the ashes into jewellery, have them pressed into a vinyl record which will play their favourite music, have them incorporated into a sculpture or have them made into a crystal wind chime, all personal and unique.

Jon will help and support you through every aspect of the Scattering of Ashes or Internment. The ceremony, much like funerals and memorials can be as religious, non-religious or be a mixture of both and can include hymns and psalms, poems and favourite pieces of music. If Scattering the Ashes or an Internment, Jon will join you and the guests at the agreed venue and the conduct the ceremony in the format you desired, it will be meaningful, respectful and honour the passing of your loved one.

Much like a memorial, at the conclusion you could release doves or balloons, plant a tree, hand out some seeds or the guests can record condolence messages on stones and place them in a bowl for the family to take home after the service. Consider creating a “memory capsule” by placing things that remind you of your loved one in an air-tight container.  Include items like treasured photographs, cards, books and other mementoes, the burial of the capsule can be included in the service. Jon will later present you with a keepsake copy of the service, as he does for funerals and memorials.

“Scatter me here, let me rest forever floating in the winds, drifting towards the sunset, yet rising with the sun, awakening in your heart – my spirit is free but with you always” – Jon Harris

What happens next?
  • Contact him as below.
  • Initial Face to Face meeting to discover their life story.
  • Gives you access to a multitude of poems, readings and music.
  • Produces a professionally crafted Order of Service.
  • Creates a Eulogy that you will cherish.
  • The ceremony will be individually written and be a fitting tribute to your loved one.
  • Provides regular reviews and revisions.
  • Regular email, telephone or Skype/Facetime support.
  • Allows editing as long as time allows.
  • Ensures a professional delivery of the ceremony.
  • Provides support for family and friends who wish to contribute during the service.
  • Shares with you your own personal copy of the ceremony.
If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to give Jon a call. If Jon conducted your funeral service or memorial, the price will be reduced to £75.

Kind Words About Eternal Ceremonies

"Hi Jon, thank you so much for today, it was really lovely and everyone said how well you conducted the service. Thank you for the copy of the service, it was a lovely thought, I would recommend you... but hopefully not for too many funerals!!!".

"Thanks Again, T"

T - Gedling


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