Pet Ceremonies


As a pet owner Jon understands pets are an essential part of the family and from personal experience, acknowledges that losing a much loved family pet can be devastating for a lot of people. In this busy world where friends and family are spread across the globe, pets can be very often be your closest companion, sharing in the trials and tribulations of life. For elders, losing a pet can also trigger depression and bring about thoughts of their own mortality.

Children can form incredibly close bonds with their pets, so explain what happened in a way they can understand and the burial service can be very beneficial for them as it enables them to understand that the circle of life. It can also be the central part of your healing process, allowing you to mourn the death of your pet and help you overcome the loss.

Jon will speak to you to understand the sort of service you want him to create and deliver but suggests it would be simple, heartfelt and respectful. You could include an opening prayer, some music, share memories, get a chance to say goodbye, talk about the importance of the pet in your life and the value that they brought to you and your family. Throughout the United Kingdom there are now a number of pet specific specialist cremation services, cemeteries and memorial gardens but obviously you may want to just have your pet buried at the family home or scatter their ashes in a special place.

After the service, it may well be worth considering planting a tree in your pet’s honour. Instead of focusing on the death of your pet, bring life forward from it. You may wish to do this, for example, near to where you bury your pet’s ashes so when you look in that direction, you see a beautiful tree instead of just your pet’s headstone. Alternatively, buy a candle to remember your pet and whenever you feel alone or you just want to remember your pet, light the candle, watch the flame and remember them in peace and bring a smile to your face.

Jon would love to create and provide a dignified ceremony for your pet and deliver the farewell they deserve.

“Faithful friend, loyal companion, we say farewell to you now. You have kept us warm at night, protected our home and offered us unconditional love. For this we are thankful and we will remember you forever.  - Anon     

What happens next?
  • Contact him as below.
  • Initial Face to Face meeting to discover their life story.
  • Gives you access to a multitude of poems, readings and music.
  • Produces a professionally crafted Order of Service.
  • Creates a Eulogy that you will cherish.
  • The ceremony will be individually written and be a fitting tribute to your loved one.
  • Provides regular reviews and revisions.
  • Regular email, telephone or Skype/Facetime support.
  • Allows editing as long as time allows.
  • Ensures a professional delivery of the ceremony.
  • Provides support for family and friends who wish to contribute during the service.
  • Shares with you your own personal copy of the ceremony.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to give Jon a call.


Kind Words About Eternal Ceremonies

"Morning, I just wanted to say thank you for today. The family were so thankful and happy with your service.".

L (Funeral Director) - Carlton


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