House Blessings


Home is where the heart is, your new home is a new beginning, it is exciting, and means you and your family are becoming part of a new community. A House Blessing allows your new neighbours to get to know you and gives you the opportunity to warmly welcome them into your life. Jon can create a ceremony that helps you feel comfortable in your new space, it can ensure your new friends get to understand the essence of who you and your family are… it is different than popping over to a neighbour for a cup of sugar and having a chat… but you can do that as well!

The term "housewarming" is literally from the act of warming a new house, in the days before central heating, each guest would bring firewood, and build fires in all the available fireplaces, offering firewood as a gift. Aside from warming the house, this was also believed to repel evil spirits by creating a protective atmosphere of warmth. As part of the ceremony you can ask your new neighbours to bring some other symbolical items with them and place them on a table. Items such as bread, salt, honey, wine and rice, are tokens of abundance, prosperity, happiness, hospitality, and good fortune. They are believed to please the domestic spirits and bring a good blessings to your new home.

In addition Jon, as in other ceremonies, can recite some words and introduce other symbolic elements such as lighting a candle, the burning candle brings light and casts out the darkness – both literally and symbolically. Burning or smudging sage is not only for use in Handfasting, traditionally, the burning of dried sage is a popular method for clearing out negative energy and protecting your home from evil spirits. The ringing of bells is said to scatter negative energies and summon good fortune. So, ringing a bell in your new home is another way to purify your living space and bring a blessing upon your home.

As you can see there are many reasons to have Jon create a House Blessing Ceremony, it could be just an excuse for a totally unique way to start your party…whatever the reason Jon will work with you to create a ceremony that ignites a discussion with your new friends and brings positive energies to your home.

“May your troubles be less, may your blessings be more, may nothing but happiness come through your door.” - Anon

What happens next?
  • Contact him as below.
  • Initial Face to Face/Skype/Facetime meeting to discuss the ceremony in depth.
  • To secure your day it needs to be booked within 7 days of the initial meeting.
  • He provides options for the ceremony. (Time/Location/Style/Content)
  • Gives you access to a multitude of poems, vows and readings.
  • Access to alternative ceremony ideas. (Unity Candles/Sand Ceremony/Time Capsules etc.)
  • Produces a professionally crafted ceremony script.
  • Provides regular reviews and revisions.
  • Regular email, telephone or Skype/Facetime support.
  • Allows further script editing up to a week before the ceremony.
  • Ensures a professional delivery of the ceremony.
  • Shares with you your own personal copy of the script.
  • Provides a commemorative Eternal Ceremonies Naming Certificate as a lasting keepsake.

Note: If additional expenses arise, they will be charged only with your agreement. Further information can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to give Jon a call.  


Kind Words About Eternal Ceremonies

"Jon did an amazing job of helping us plan the perfect wedding. Right from the initial consultation, through to the tiniest of details on the day itself Jon really payed attention to what we'd asked for and went out of his way to help us create something truly unique to us. Our family, friends and loved ones all had such a fantastic time and everyone commented on what an amazing ceremony it was. Everything was just so 'us'.

Thank you so much Jon for making our big day one that will be remembered forever!"

Antony & Cheryl, Leeds


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