Handfasting is widely accepted as being of ancient Celtic origin but there is also evidence that it was practiced by the ancient Greeks and by the Romans. During the Ceremony the hands are tied with ribbons to symbolise the bringing together of the two hearts in a marriage of strength and unity, if loosely tied it would signify that it was for a year and a day, if tighter, then it would symbolise being together for eternity. It is this part of the ceremony that the term ‘tying the knot’ is derived.

Traditionally, 3 cords/ribbons are used, with each being a different colour, some braid the three cords together before the ceremony, and others only use one cord.  As always, it is your choice and they will make a beautiful keepsake of your special day. A sample of what some colours symbolise, Red: Passion, strength, lust, fertility, White: Purity, concentration, meditation, peace, Green: Finances, fertility, charity, prosperity, health, Gold: Energy, wealth, intelligence, longevity.

If you want to have a full Handfasting style Ceremony then Jon can create it for you, it will include, symbolically bringing in the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and will usually take place amongst nature and the elements. Normally taking place in a circle, this being the symbol of infinity and eternity and can be created by stones, ropes, petals, trees or simply a circle of your friends. It will generally include a welcoming, casting of the circle, summoning the elements of nature, readings, vows, consecration of the rings, the Handfasting, drinking from the loving cup, a blessing and obviously the kiss…

Near the end of the ceremony there will be “jumping a besom broom”, this is based upon tradition which symbolizes the clearing away of negativity with a sweep of the broom and creating a threshold for the couple to cross over into their new life together. This dates back to the 1600s, and although derived from Africa, it also has roots in the Celtic culture and including but not limited to Welsh, Celtics, Druids, and Gypsies and some aboriginal or shamanistic culture.

As in all the Ceremonies created by Jon at Eternal Ceremonies, no two will be the same, Jon will incorporate as much or as little of the traditional elements as you wish, it can be held in your garden, a beautiful field, woodland or a place that is special to you both. Simply contact Jon to talk through your vision, it will be a delight for him to create Your Bespoke Ceremony, for your very special day.

“Upon this day, our hands we bind, a symbol of our hearts entwined. To witness this, we ask of thee, our union forever blessed be.” – Anon

What happens next?

  • Contact him as below.
  • Initial Face to Face/Skype/Facetime meeting to discuss the ceremony in depth.
  • To secure your day it needs to be booked within 7 days of the initial meeting.
  • He provides options for the ceremony. (Time/Location/Style/Content)
  • Gives you access to a multitude of poems, vows and readings.
  • Access to alternative ceremony ideas. (Handfasting/Unity Candles/Sand ceremony etc.)
  • Produces a professionally crafted ceremony script.
  • Provides regular reviews and revisions.
  • Regular email, telephone or Skype/Facetime support.
  • A final draft script will be available 28 days prior to your ceremony.
  • Allows further script editing up to a week before the ceremony.
  • Ensures a professional delivery of the ceremony.
  • Shares with you your own personal copy of the script.
  • Provides a commemorative Eternal Ceremonies Wedding Certificate as a lasting keepsake.

Note: If additional expenses arise, they will be charged only with your agreement. Further information can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Just a gentle reminder that this ceremony is not legally binding in the UK. Jon has used the term ‘Wedding’ throughout, it is not a ‘Marriage’, if you wish to ensure that your marriage is recognised legally in the UK, you must book an appointment with your local registry office and comply with the legal proceedings. It does not have to be on the same day, it is your choice.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to give Jon a call.  

Kind Words About Eternal Ceremonies


“Jon did an amazing job of helping us plan the perfect wedding. Right from the initial consultation, through to the tiniest of details on the day itself Jon really payed attention to what we’d asked for and went out of his way to help us create something truly unique to us.

Our family, friends and loved ones all had such a fantastic time and everyone commented on what an amazing ceremony it was. Everything was just so ‘us’.

Thank you so much Jon for making our big day one that will be remembered forever!”




Antony & Cheryl, Leeds



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